Hi! Our names are Deepika and Arthur and now we certainly are A hind-jew few. We’ve been together for 7 years. Deepika was created in western Africa to Indian parents, and was raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Arthur, came to be and raised in Connecticut (a much shorter bio). We’d an intercultural, location wedding in Mexico in 2017 november. Presently, we have been staying in Washington, DC where Deepika pursues her Graduate studies in advertising at Georgetown, and waits for Arthur to create house a corgi puppy.


Arthur and Deepika came across their Freshmen year of university at United states University. Deepika claims, these people were introduced by way of a shared buddy (who had been a maid of honor at our wedding!). “I swear that I understand have there been, sadly don’t remember me being current. that people came across more than a group dinner our first thirty days in DC, nevertheless the other people” to the Arthur just says, “we met sometime in college…” day. Ideally, one their story will align day!


  1. Open Communication

The building blocks of every relationship is available lines of interaction. This might be a lot more essential once you along with your partner result from different backgrounds–cultural or elsewhere. T o make things work, you will need to talk through exactly exactly what values are most critical for your requirements while making certain that your spouse understands, and respect those values. That is much more crucial as the building your lifetime together. As an example, if you wish to have young ones 1 day, it is actually essential that you talk through the way you wish to raise them and just what values you intend to instill. We discovered that speaking freely in what matters to us and sharing by using the other person, not merely brought us closer together, but permitted us to create a foundation that is strong our relationship.

  1. Start mind – be willing to use new stuff

A significant part to be in a intercultural relationship is to likely be operational to trying brand new things being prepared to be involved in each other’s traditions. Anything from kinds of meals to spiritual breaks are items that we prefer to share with each other. Arthur’s spice threshold surely increased within the years in which he now surprises himself (and me personally) as he wants hot sauce once we head out for dinner. We additionally celebrate Diwali together along with our first Hanukkah in the home this past year. having the ability to enjoy each other’s countries and traditions is essential to making a relationship work that is intercultural/religious.

  1. Discover the similarities, and cherish the differences

Whenever you access a relationship that is intercultural you’ll likely be surprised by a few of the differences when considering your countries. That’s why it is crucial that you not just talk through those distinctions, but cherish them, in order to find the similarities between your both of you. I discovered that my Indian family members and Arthur’s Jewish household shared most of the exact exact same values. Jewish and moms that are indian quite similar in the manner they concern yourself with their children and look after their families. One of many items that made an improvement within our relationship work ended up being having our families go along. Household values are very important to both of us as soon as our moms and dads very first met—and liked each other—that aided to solidify our future together. Locating the little things that overlap between your two countries and religions may help bridge the space and enable you to get closer together.

Congratulations Deepika and Arthur on your own exquisite wedding and thank you for sharing your tale with this visitors! Just exactly what did you think of their love story and their methods for other partners? Will you be within an intercultural and interfaith marriage? Exactly What guidelines is it necessary to share? Comment below or compose us at

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